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LED Customizing!

Hello patrons! Our installers have been working hard already today! In these photos, you will see we just completed customizing this Dodge Charger. We added LED strip lighting to the trim of the headlights, not only give this beautiful car a better11173366_841168612620656_5874876818295672029_n look, but to light up the road better during nightly travels. We have LED strip lighting in all different sizes and colors. You don't like the plain white? It's okay! We have blue, re10403064_841168639287320_1746728234947521695_nd, green, purple, and many more. We can put these LED strips inside or outside your car. These LED lights look sharp around the grill, on sill/kick plates, or under the dash to light up the floor. Call us and set up an appointment to get your car, truck, or SUV customized with these awesome lights today!

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